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The American Singer show cage is descended from the old metal "shelf cage" that was common in pet shops years ago. This cage was 11 inches wide, 7 inches deep, 10 inches high. The right side is solid metal, the top and other sides are wire. Some older cages have the solid side on the left, these are allowed. Today, new cages are manufactured to the same dimensions by Prevue Hendryx and Jovaco Inc.

Another manufacturer is JOVACO, Click Here for more information.

American Singers Club members can purchase cages directly from Prevue Hendryx in lots of 3, $73.50 plus shipping for 3 cages. Phone (800) 243-3624 to order.

Here is a direct link to model LP, which is the shelf cage used as the American Singer show cage, not a "breeder" cage as labeled by Prevue.

The new cages come with plastic "torpedo" tube drinkers and feeders, which are allowed in the shows. However, most exhibitors spread the cage bars and insert hooded glass or plastic cups. Glass cups are no longer made, but can sometimes be found in antique shops or from retired bird breeders. Plastic cups are available as clear (as shown in the above photo) or frosted.

An updated report from 2009 ASC president, Michael Seiler, on November 20, 2009:

The Preview Hendrix people have reached out to me regarding our show cages. After some discussion regarding the manufacturing and painting of the cages, we can expect the following changes:

The cage will have two solid side panels to stabilize the cage. (The manufacturer requested this change) There will be a small handle on the top of the cage to make training and moving the cages easier. The cage and tray will be painted with a dull aluminum, (silver - gray) finish so that there will be no reflection of the bird. This should help keep the male from "driving" and "fighting" his reflection.

The cages will be available as soon as Preview-Hendrix runs out of their small stock of the older cages.

We will still have to spread the bars in order to put the water and seed cup in place. This is easily done using a needle nosed pliers in reverse.

A limited supply of clear plastic cups and older style glass show cage cups are available from:

  • Abba Products Corp. P.O. Box 122, Elizabeth, NJ 07207
    (908) 353-0669

    Plain, white paper must be used to line the bottom tray. Unlike colorbred and type canary showcages, seed is not dumped on the bottom.

    Click Here for an article about show cage preparation.

    American Singer Show Cage Setup

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    Show Cage Care

    The show cages are too shiny when new and the birds might sing to their reflection in the solid side. Before using, they should be spray painted a dull silver color. An extra coat of silver paint inside the cage base and on both sides of the bottom metal sheet (which goes under the cage tray) will help prevent rust. It is no longer required that the front of the bottom tray be painted silver, but you will not be penalized if you do. Be sure to use non-toxic, lead-free paint. Allow paint to dry and the cages to air out at least one week before putting a bird in. Buff off any dry paint powder with a rag before using.

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